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Black Belt Healers

It is well accepted that fighting arts such as boxing, karate, jiu jitsu and judo play a strong role in both the protection and recreation of society.

In the United States and other countries throughout the world, martial arts schools are everywhere, promising to teach the deadly blows and disabling techniques.

Despite this proliferation of martial arts schools, the number of trained Black Belt Healers is at an all time low. Most of the old masters are gone…

At one time, Black Belt Healers were considered to be the highest trained practitioners in the martial arts. Their techniques included not only massage and bone adjustment, but also the treatment of sprains, strains, and non-displaced fractures, as well as hydrotherapy.

From an energy standpoint, it is also thought that the once secret techniques of the Black Belt Healer could adjust internal energy. It has been said that these ancient and nearly forgotten techniques quite literally “break down the old and build up the new.”

In old Japan, these two arts of harming and healing (sappo-kappo) went hand in hand, and it was not uncommon for Black Belt Healers to be knowledgeable when it came to methods of killing and resuscitation.


Black Belt Healers despite their effective results and benefit to society are a dying breed.

Fortunately two schools, Pinewood Karate and the Napa Valley School of Massage, have combined efforts to teach these valuable techniques.

Black Belt Healer students are taught basic anatomy and physiology not unlike what a doctor would learn in medical school. In addition to this education, they also receive hands-on training in healing arts such as restorative massage, manipulation and proper first aid care of fractures and dislocations. In addition, students learn how to properly care for sore muscles and inflamed tendons and ligaments. Black Belt Healer students are also taught ancient methods such as sappo-kappo, use of the kimono roller gauze and bone splinting methods.

The creator of Black Belt Healers is Daniel E. Andrews III, M.D. He is both a physician and martial art master. Dr. Andrews uses his ability as a Black Belt Healer everyday in his medical practice. He is also active teaching these valuable healing techniques to his own Pinewood Karate black belt students.

Dr. Andrews believes that it is his calling to pass on the valuable healing techniques taught to him by his martial art teachers.

According to Dr. Andrews, “Studying to become a Black Belt Healer is the way the martial arts were traditionally taught. By learning the healing side, students ultimately reach a higher level. It is important for the fighter and the healer to know human anatomy and to understand how the body is injured and healed. Besides, studying the arts of the Black Belt Healer is very interesting… Most importantly, it is great to have the knowledge and skill to help others.”


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